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Abercrombie & Fitch Is World's Number One Brand For The Homeless

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Greg Karber got sick and tired of Abercombie and Fitch's policy to sell their clothes to only certain type of people so he decided to fix their brand image a bit.

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    AmyZimmerman Banned Added So here you go you clueless, ugly, dirty homeless people. Here are some A&F clothes for you so you can be part of my personal "paybacks are a bitch" mission. This whole thing feels uglier than than what the A&F CEO said. Mr. Karber is basically saying these people are so nasty, I am going to "use" them to prove my point because they are too stupid to know what I am doing and to be willing participants in my little scheme. I don't like this. It feel exploitive. I get the sentiment, but just leave these people alone.
  • ALO Banned Added He's giving clothes to the last people the A&F CEO would want wearing them. If the A&F CEO didn't want to sell to cheerleaders, Greg Karber would be giving the clothes to cheerleaders. I think his intent is being taken out of context. Personally I might have put the clothes in like a "free" box and just left them there for whomever wanted them.
  • Ted Banned Added Did you you really have to wait for the CEO to say this? I feel like it was pretty obvious who they market clothes to.
  • CarmBee Banned Added I disagree with the alienation of the homeless to achieve some vendetta against a clothing company and it's CEO. Cause the homeIess people are not cool so we can do this and it is okay? This is supposed to be funny? Or inspiring? Homeless people aren't 100% authentic people, so let's give them brand name clothing we object to so we can prove our own end? This guy is the douchebag. It is a pyrrhic victory at best.

    Also, my son has clothing from this store and he is not a date rapist. He is 12. Rape is not funny, especially not when you throw it around to try and leg up your own misguided campaign to really stick it to a brand. Only in America do we have the luxury to be this way. This store is not a real issue...rape, how we treat our active military and vets, Iran, North Korea, the homeless, violence...those are real issues...
  • Elizabeth Ashton Banned Added I just signed up to this place called just so I can post this comment of mine:

    This is so wrong in so many ways!
    The day that all this A&F shit hit the fan, my friend scoured her family closets for all the items labeled with this no compassion company! She gave it all to the goodwill store, BUT firstly she wanted to burn it all - seriously - but she had no means of burning it in our city, so she donated instead.
    What I say to those who can: burn it all in your next campfire - it seems to be a perfect fire starter anyway, don't you think?